The Golden Ticket

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I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

Ah! You found a golden ticket.  Good for you.  Out of the countless number of educators here and abroad, you have chosen to take this marvelous journey with me.  Our next adventure is a ride on a paddle boat through a psychedelic tunnel.

But Wait!

Just indulge me for one moment.  Imagine you are on a reality television show.  You have 35 students inside of a classroom built for only 20 students.  Half of your students are not reading on grade level.  Some have very poor hygiene.  A few come to class hungry.  Some have holes in their clothes.  A few have untreated mental and emotional conditions.  Some are hell-bent on making your day miserable.  Very few of your parents are actively involved.  Your resources are outdated.  The air conditioner is leaking.  The copy machine is jammed….again.

You are tasked with making sure that your lessons are rigorous.  Every student must pass the state assessment, are on grade-level, and display up to two years of growth.

If you fail, you will be publicly shamed and replaced by a more qualified teacher. If you succeed, you will receive a whopping $752.93 a week, which is the national average pay for a first-year teacher.

Oh wait…That is not reality tv.  That is just reality for a lot of educators.

Why Do We Show Up Everyday?

Well…because you have a passion for teaching.  You want to make a difference in the lives of the students you serve.  You are not an educator to become a rock star or wealthy.  However, neither did you choose to work in a stressful environment.

Welcome To The Chocolate Factory.

What Willy Wonka Taught Me About Parental Involvement is a timely resource for new and experienced teachers.   This book will teach you how to

  • Become a model educator
  • Increase parental involvement
  • Be authoritative
  • Engage and motivate all learners
  • Have 100% engagement
  • Build proper relationships
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Reignite your passion for teaching
  • Manage students without saying a word
  • Perform during the day to have peace all year long
  • and so much more

Theory alone will not transform you into a highly effective educator.   If you are looking for an arsenal of strategies you can implement right away then this is the must have book for you.

Lights! Camera!…Perform!

The classroom is your stage. The passion in your instruction and a peaceful classroom environment depends on how well you can perform in front of a group of students.

Okay…So, How Can I Get a Copy of the Book?

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